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Door Kristof op 23 Maart 2009 om 14:48
Sinds gisteren werd er onverwachts een nieuwe versie van Messenger Plus! Live beschikbaar gemaakt. Vooral het uitschakelen van de Photo Sharing van WLM 9.0 is erg interessant voor sommige WLM 9.0 gebruikers! Klik op lees meer om de overige nieuwigheden van deze versie te lezen.

* Directories and files in the log viewer are now sorted chronologically, when possible.
* Added \"OverrideImgTransfer\" registry setting. If set to true (1), Messenger Plus! forces a JPG file to be sent in a file transfer when a picture is pasted in a conversation. Especially useful if you do not like Photo Sharing in Messenger 2009.
* Fixed: custom emoticons that are assigned keyboard shortcuts such as \"!\" prevent emotion sounds to be sent properly.
* In order to accelerate the uninstaller, scripts and skins removed during uninstallation are now deleted instead of moved to the Recycle Bin.
* Fixed: Log Viewer does not display long chat logs properly when Internet Explorer 8 is installed (I consider this to be a bug in the way IE8 emulates IE7 for WebBrowser controls with Transitional XHTML).
* Fixed: pressing Ctrl+A in a multi-line edit box doesn't have any effect.
* Scripts. ChatWnd::SendMessage() can now be used with an empty message parameter to send the text currently present in the typing area.
* Fixed: the Emotion Sound panel is not properly placed in the chat window when 20 sounds or more are displayed at the same time.
* Fixed: some preferences windows and skin option panels may not be properly scrolled with the middle button of some mouses.
* A new way to support Messenger Plus! will now be distributed in some versions of the setup.
o Thanks to, you now have the option to change your home page and default search options without installing any program on your computer (apart from the uninstaller of Ask which just reverts back your browser's settings, which you can do yourself if you want).
o The setup of Messenger Plus! can only ask for one of both options: the sponsor program from Circle Developement, or the home page/search engine changes from Both options, of course, are entirely optional.
o In the next couple of weeks and months, the home page offered on will be customized and improved with lots of features. This could turn out to be a very cool addition to Messenger Plus! so don't hesitate to post your comments on the forum!

Download Messenger Plus! Live 4.81.358